Senior Citizen's Guide to Washington County Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 18

16 Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Washington County
or if you have a height limitation, there are numerous
steps you can take to modify your kitchen to make it
more “user-friendly,” such as:
• Ensuring there’s ample maneuvering space
• Varying the height of countertops
• Installing a sink with knee clearance
• Installing a raised dishwasher
• Lowering cooking surfaces
• Mounting a wall oven or microwave at reachable
• Making sure there’s an abundance of storage
space within reach
• Providing a desk/work area with knee clearance
One way to reduce accidents in the home is to
make sure you have proper lighting where you need it.
Outdoor areas, stairways, the kitchen area, the living
room and other places where you like to read, are just a
few examples where proper lighting is often needed.
• Use rocker-type light switches wherever possible.
You can turn them on and off with the touch of an
elbow if your hands are full.
• Well-placed skylights and ceiling lights are just a
few examples of the types of lighting you should
consider adding to your home.
If you maintain a flower or vegetable garden in your
backyard, you may want to consider raising your beds at
some point. Raising your beds can help reduce fatigue
and stress on your back if bending over for extended
periods of time is often difficult.
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