Senior Citizen's Guide to Washington County Spring/Summer Edition 2017 - page 23

Boomers Resource Guide
• Spring/Summer 2017
with most major carriers if not all
in your area, so it doesn’t matter
to them who you choose, as long
as you get the right plan for your
situation. Says Wells, “We are
just here to help them make an
informed decision.”
Wells gives the example of two
carriers that have different formu-
laries in their plans. “When we
go over a person’s medications,
we can see which carrier covers
those medications as it can mean
a difference of hundreds of dol-
lars a month,” he says. “They may
also choose a plan depending on
the access they want to specific
“Most people try to take this on
themselves and it becomes over-
whelming,” Wells adds. “That’s
why we take the time to explain
how everything works. We en-
courage anyone with questions/
concerns to contact a broker.”
Information from Medicare
Specialists of Pittsburgh.
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